Jennifer and Ryley Petersen

Jennifer and Ryley

The morning was usual for a wedding day, full of bustling, a nervousness in the air all being pushed forward by the choleric clock hands of time. There was the clinking of glasses being set, last minute details being arranged and final phone calls being made. Yes, it was the norm for a good wedding outcome. I arrived early, and was able to sit with my bride and chat for a moment before the details began to drive her crazy with need.

The gorgeous naked faced bride sat in front of me in her modern chic bridal suite reminiscing her genesis with Mr. Ryely Petersen. I asked her questions about the how, what, and when of her beginning with him.

Her beautiful eyes shot right as she recalled memories of her meandering life and how her choices finally met up with her one true love…Ryley.

“…as soon as we started talking, I knew he had a good heart, and I was sold…”

She spoke softly about how her like for him manifested into admiration, and soon blossomed into full blown unconditional love for this man. A gentle smile spread across her face and her eyes lit up while she remembered his proposal.

As the morning sun peered into our conversation, I listened and observed my friend Jenny. I realized that she had bloomed into a gorgeous young lady and was so proud of her in that moment. She had become what most little girls hope to be one day…a princess. Yes, my Jenny was something to be treasured and in that moment I was so happy for her new found love, life and joy.

Black evening gowns, heels, and lots of makeup later, we were finally faced with the moments that would make everyone tear up…Jenny’s entrance. She walked slowly with with her elegant mother down the petal littered aisle. Step by step, she began to tear up, and I clumsily clicked away on my camera trying to keep my own emotions in check. “How precious,” I thought to myself through the tears streamlining my face.

Everyone in the room stood quietly as these two gorgeous women made their way to the groom who awaited with a an awestruck look on his face. He was entranced in Jenny’s beauty. She effortlessly stole our gazes and we all looked on as Ryley was smiling like a little boy. The ceremony began, and as the sun set, the romance began to encapsulate everyone in the venue. The spirit of the ceremony was of delight and made of freedom. It was perfection.

As Jenny and Ryley declared their vows to one another, each word was like a golden peg piercing into new territory that was theirs forever. As Isaac declared the two husband and wife, the crowd cheered and an eager groom kissed his bride at the altar for the very first time.

It was an honor documenting your first few steps together in life. You are now on a journey together and what an amazing journey marriage is. Always remember that life is a process, and processes include failure and victory. You need both elements to survive but grace will help you succeed and overcome! Love is the currency with the best exchange rate, so give it freely as the flow is like oil to an engine. Choices are powerful in freedom or captivity, always look for freedom. Finally, words are many but the ones with meaning are weighted, use them wisely! Congratulations!

Jessica C.

Remember the genesis of your own love story!

Kyle Texas weddingI love a good City wedding:)Starry Night

Dear Nouveau Couples

I cannot stress the importance of having images to remind you of the day you pledged yourself to another life. Marriage is easy, but a good marriage takes effort, endurance, bravery and courageousness. We must ask ourselves, “Do we want to just be married?” or “Do we want to thrive, co-labor through life?” I know that Between the days of planning your wedding day celebration to those first bitter moments when your loved one causes you to cry; we can sometimes get lost in the mix of emotions and forget why we pledged in the first place. We forget because the wincing of our burned hearts get wrapped up in the cause of events rather than the opportunities of healing that lie before us. Pain causes that kind of collision and when it happens, and we find ourselves at a cross roads of  mending versus breakage a simple memory of your genesis can help. Well, I remember and will remember with you. Not because its my job but because I believe in love.

Yes, I remember because I was there with you, clicking away on that special day and in some cases through your engagement process. I remember the secret looks, the nervousness of keeping that newly embarked connection and your public declarations of commitment towards one another. I remember the crashed cars, squeezing into horribly tight undergarments, family politics, laughter, speeches from horrible to great. I remember the honorable mentions of lost ones, the potent smell of hairspray, sunsets, fickle weather and all of the nervous air that surrounded us before your march. Yes, I remember… and I can tell you your love story from that day and capitalize on each detail.

I remember the cakes, confetti, your first dances, the fathers who were present or not there and the tiger mommies who watched in gladness as their little ones embraced their new found loves. I’ve seen the princesses being given away, the bouquet tosses, great dancing, terrible dancing, heard old 80’s rock and watched you celebrate into the new year. I have unforgettable irreplaceable memories of the tears, pink sniffing noses, and images of orphan’s adopting new parents. How could I forget each of your sealed kisses at the altar and unique ways of becoming one from lighting candles to drinking wine from the same cup. I will always remember the dynamics of that day, the unity, the community where people from vast place came to witness the beginning of your happiness. All of these things are important to me because the are love’s footprints.

So, if you ever find yourself in a weak spot where you cannot seem to remember your genesis, please call or write me as I have tangible proof that you are/were in love! And it’s okay, we are human, and in the bustle of things we can forget the elements that drew us to our loves in the first place. We can forget to draw our swords to protect the hearts that mean most to us. Just remember that love is never a lost cause, never too late to fight for  as it’s what we do after we’ve  forgotten that is so severe to the the health and growth of our connections.

When we forget the “why” in our daily marital lives it helps to surround yourself with the things that remind you of your own creation story of when you met your Eve for the very first time, or took in the presence of your Adam. This is where I and many other artists come in, to remind you of that beginning.

Just some thoughts, Keep being you…which is wondrous!


Jessica Coombs.

Calling All Angels : Fighting the aftermath affects of abuse through community

Calling All Angels: This issue is very close to my heart.

Hello All,

Last year was a very tough year for me, and my family. I wanted to write to you all about my nephew Adam. He has just turned a year old March 26th, 2013 and is in need of prayer, support and a lot of special need items.This note is to reach out to my community to let you know what our needs are.

First, some background. Last August, I received a phone call from my aunt that my youngest brother Errick, of 25 years old had turned himself in for severe abuse to his newborn baby, Adam. Adam was  4 months new at this time and had seen and experienced some very terrible trauma. My opinion on the matter is very dark so I will not express that to you all as I am still working through this with my counselor and husband. I will say though, that it has been a long and meandering road.

Errick had received his sentence last November of twelve years in prison. Again, my opinion is also dark on that sentence especially given the kind of treatment that Adam had received, from water-boarding, being scratched, grabbed so hard in the belly area the there were prints left behind, being locked up in a freezer, bitten repeatedly, shaken, punched in the head, and chest and all out being thrown across rooms into walls.The details go on, with molestation,and more.

This little boy, after all of this, is still alive, but he is suffering some terrible repercussions which include PTSD, shaken baby syndrome, cracked ribs, brain damage, scars of teeth marks, breathing problems, heart murmurs and much more.

I know this may be shocking and you may be wondering where the mother is during all of this. I honestly cannot get a clear answer, as she refuses to speak with anyone to clarify her presence during the abuse. I will say though that during the time Adam was in the hospital she spent every last moment with my brother until he was apprehended. She also is telling everyone that she still is in love with my brother and will be there for him after he gets out and that they will all be a family again when she gets custody back.

With these actions along with many other actions, I’m just not quite sure I can trust that she is completely a victim or should not have been charged. Being a mother and abuse survivor myself, my actions after finding out that my child was being abused would not have been to hang around the abuser. Personally if this woman is dumb enough to not notice teeth marks on her own baby then she should not be a parent in the first place. My personal history with this woman promotes deception, as she is in desperate need of help. I believe she may be a sociopath or a borderline and compulsive liar as she seems to not be present in this world, or even aware of what is going on when speaking with her.  She has been caught in numerous lies including one about a twin sister who served overseas in Iraq. To which we found out that she has no twin sister at all. Needless to say it has been very scary dealing with her as she obviously has a dark past that desperately needs to be looked at by a professional. I really feel for her as her life cannot be fun to live right now.

Regardless of her needs, (which I take very seriously) my focus is about Adam’s health and restoration. He needs to rebuild so much. But I believe that we as the private sector, community and people can help this child grow up to be powerful, and strong individual. We are his army and he has all of heaven behind him.

Currently, I am happy to report that Adam is now with a foster mother and father and they are wonderful, but they need help with his special needs. I asked her for a list to see how we can meet her in the middle, but then I thought, why not go to the church body, the people, HUMANS! We are much more powerful when accomplishing things together.

If you feel led to give or donate or decide to send care packages, please send it with a prayer and declaration of restored health for baby Adam and family. I, personally will be sending care packages to her regularly. Also, if you have advice, clothes of any size, or books for her, Wendy the foster mother, that would help as well.

Please note that anything that is sent will be circulated between other foster parents that Wendy is connected to. Honestly, anything can help her, and if not will be used to help others. If you have questions to send to her I will act as a buffer to keep her privacy and please feel free to ask anything from me about this situation and family.

Well, I love you all and thank you for hearing me out on this. Child abuse is the one thing that I will not take lightly. It is my duty and our duty as humans, Christians, Americans to report, act and respond, and never just standby. Justice is uncomfortable but we cannot let the uncomfortable feelings hinder us from charging towards right doing. Every child deserves a strong foundation of growth to launch from.

lastly, I leave you all with her address and list, I will keep updating it as he gets older and I plan to send this letter to many more churches, friends, family, followers etc. If you would like to, please feel free to send this as well.

With love,
Jessica Coombs

Wendy B.
1980 58th st E
Inver Grove Heights, Mn 55077.

If you send blankets make sure they are heavy to create a feeling of safety
Wet wipes
diapers day time size 4 diapers
night time size 4
sippy cups
small bibs
12mo. or bigger onezies
little foam chairs ( diego)
out door toys
sand box
swimming pool
baby ice pak
bathing supplies (gift cards suggested or because his skin is really sensitive)
shoes -size 3
rain boots
sensory items for special needs ( toys ) Here is good website that gets the idea accross :

toy that build motor skills


“I have been looking for a I pad I have programs that will really help him and keep track of all meds and disorders.” -Wendy

I have a generation 1 ipad to pass on to her, but it has to stay plugged in…if anyone has a better one to give that would great!

Andrew and Vanessa


“In every generation, dreamers arise. They think outside of man made boxes and dare to forge ahead. But today a new breed of dreamers is arising. They not only talk of things to come – the call it into being in the here and now. They live their dreams.” -James W. Goll



Even though my feet are tired, my heart has a huge smile on it from the display of events that I have witnessed. As I sift through the many images from the busy wedding day, I cannot help but smile at the love that I had the great opportunity of capturing.

Love to me, is like a three dimensional design that has many facets, and can be positioned, postured, and lit up in many different ways. I have seen many kinds of love, quiet love, rich love, tough love, euphoric love and more. Each come with a hue and personality much different from the former. Vannessa and Andrew have a vivacious love that is a vortex, naturally pulling people in.You can’t help but be enlightened when you are around this couple as they have something so full of life that it inspires all to be the best versions of themselves.

With that being said there are few times in a lifetime where we meet someone who captivates your heart. These types of people have this x-factor that is electrifying. Sommer, whom I have named my site after, was one of those women who captivated me long ago. She was one who was enriched with life, love and was always pursuing joy. When I met Vanessa, all I could see was Sommer. She is one of those women, who is not afraid to dream or think outside of man made boxes. She is apart of this new generation of dreamers that Mr. Goll speaks of. We must revive our creative spirits when encountering people like this, it is paramount to the golden age.

I met Vannessa and could not help but be pulled in to dreaming loudly along side her about her wedding day. Poor Andy, nodded, laughed occasionally and probably wondered who was really getting married here as we spouted off ideas like fireworks. But through the messy brainstorming sessions, crosstalk, and laughter we figured out how this day was going to be presented.

So, how do you know you are in the presence of a dreamer? For starters, just take a look at their surroundings. Everything is probably made by hand. They have great ideas and terrible ideas, but every idea to them is precious. Their failures are apart of a process and there is always room for editing.New ideas are found on scraps of paper, through scribbles of minimalistic drawings and in the blank stares of their daydreaming faces. This person is always thinking of color, design, the hows, and whens, and constantly visualizing new things. They strive for making things beautiful. Their ideas are always renewable, and they are a lot like my friend Vannessa. Her wedding’s beauty was a symptom of what her dream life harbors.


The perfect day

Her gentle silhouette shown in the sunlit window perfectly, as she kept saying, “its all happening.” The bustling in the room came to a halt as we admired what we saw in front of us. Words like royalty, gorgeous, lovely, enchanting, ran through my mind as I saw this beautiful creative bride smiling at herself in the mirror. A perfect gown for such a lovely spirit to wear. This gorgeous one was far from looking, “nice.” She was stunning!

When she walked down the aisle everyone was captivated by her beaming presence. As the small crowd drank the precious moments up I clicked my camera capturing this once in lifetime ordeal. It was ethereal.

Tears streamlined my face as Andy read his beautiful vows to her, and i completely lost it when he presented her the secret wedding band. Yes, Andy had done it, he had surprised the un-surpriseable and single handedly captured his cloud. It was a moment that would glue them together forever and it was to be savored

The moments moved me and grew more precious than the first into the apex that we had all be waiting for…the kiss. Everyone cheered, as they were presented as Mr. and Mrs. Buschmann. Andy then led his new bride out of the spanish chapel towards the sun scorned path to admire his loved one.

The sun set lightly and the evening grew more romantic. The sky went from glowing shades of orange to dark values of blue. Music played softly as the wind blew through the chapel, leaving Andy and Vannessa in a cathartic state of love, a love, I’m sure that will last lifetime.

Congratulations to you both. Thank you for sharing this day with me and allowing me to photograph it. Cheers, to new dreams, adventures, great mistakes, as this is a dream worth living!